About Us

Over the past 30 years, SAA Constructions has exemplified excellence, reshaping India’s construction
landscape with unwavering dedication and expertise

About Company

Professional and Expert Civil Contractor

Founded in 2003 as a partnership firm, M/S Saiyyed Akhtar Ali, now known as SAA Constructions, has steadily progressed over the past 18 years. It has emerged as a prominent player in the construction and infrastructure industry, boasting a wealth of diverse experience and expertise. SAA Constructions operates across India, serving both government and non-government clients. The firm has established a strong presence in various sectors, including road construction, railway infrastructure development, and PWD projects. Throughout its remarkable journey, spanning nearly two decades, SAA Constructions has earned a stellar reputation for consistently meeting high-quality standards and ensuring the timely delivery of projects. This accomplishment is attributed to effective leadership and management within the organization.

SAA Constructions has achieved a prominent ranking among the top construction companies in Ratlam, solidifying its status as one of the most respected and renowned entities in the market.

The business division of M/s Saiyyed Akhtar Ali is dedicated to delivering high-quality services, encompassing various areas such as road and bridge construction, the supply and manufacturing of ballast for Indian Railways, operation of crusher plants, mining activities related to ballast, and the production of sand from ballast materials.

Our History

Our Story of Dedication and Progress

What Sets Us Apart at SAA Infrastructure

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Job Creation

Generating employment opportunities, fostering economic growth within communities

Challenging Project Execution

Flawlessly completing intricate projects in diverse, demanding conditions

Fine Grade Raw Material Usage

Utilizing only top-quality materials for superior construction outcomes

Strategic Investments

Making prudent financial decisions to enhance operational efficiency

Empowerment and Governance

Promoting employee growth, ensuring robust corporate governance practices

Meet The Team

Discover the individuals whose expertise and dedication power the success of our company

Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali

With over a decade of astute leadership in construction and Silico Manganese manufacturing, Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali stands as a pivotal figure in the success story of SMO Industries. His hands-on approach and operational prowess have been instrumental in executing projects with excellence. Beyond business, his commitment to philanthropy and organic farming reflects his deep-rooted values.

Mr. Saiyyed Mohabbat Ali

Drawing from 15 years of construction expertise, Mr. Saiyyed Mohabbat Ali fuels the growth of SMO Industries. He oversees and spearheads all construction endeavors, ensuring the highest standards of quality. His philosophy, "Great things need patience," underscores his unwavering commitment to industry excellence.

Mr. Saiyyed Afsar Ali

A dynamic professional with a decade-long legacy of remarkable contributions, Mr. Saiyyed Afsar Ali is renowned for his strategic acumen in the Gitti mining business. His ability to navigate and excel in complex tasks exemplifies his dedication to industry standards.

Mr. Saiyyed Owais Ali

A dynamic young Civil Engineer, Mr. Saiyyed Owais Ali brings innovation and efficiency to the Real Estate and Construction division of SMO Industries. He is driven by a passion for exploring new ideas, aiming to elevate the company to greater heights.

Mr. Saiyyed Murtuza Ali

As the youngest and most enthusiastic Director, Mr. Saiyyed Murtuza Ali focuses on diversifying the business portfolio. His vision and capabilities are poised to elevate SMO Industries to unprecedented heights, acknowledging the legacy and impact of the family business.